A year review challenge. Day five.

The sound board chick.

How many times have you found yourself in the middle of doing something you had absolutely no idea about??

One of the most hilarious moments for me this year is certainly that when I was asked to do the sounds for an International Women Conference. I can so well remember that moment when I became practically speechless. I was so much in awe and amazed at that question I was literally not capable to say a word..Just smiled like an idiot.

I guess it happens when you are part of a small setting or a group to be doing things that normally you would not even consider. For lack of people I found myself beyond the soundboard this year for a couple of times in my church, but that was just for a placebo effect. You would never want a german/austrian faced with a crisis situation moments  before the sermon started. So, I’d stay there..play with the volume. Mute people  (muhaha) or you know, be a little God of the situation using just ONE BUTTON out of hundreds.

People bought it! They really thought I.m good at it actually. Placebo WORKS by the way. And one Sunday the Conferences organizer came up to me, asking me very serious if I am willing to help out. The people who should have done this backed off in the last minute..as it happenes.

You know those moments, when you want to scream out NO, but you can.t and there’s absolutely no other word for it. I felt I.m being taken away by a big wave, that I.m safe and just need to ride it. Next thing I know I.m talking with the guy who owns all the sound equipment and he begins talkin to me, engineering stuff. My poor poor self. I instantly went brain dead.  Beeeeeeep.

And then, my closest friend left here,stepped in. He must.ve seen the situation from afar. It’s so good to have friends who know you. Took over the situation entirely, and  in the conference week he rented a car, took all the equipment there, installed everything with his buddy, used colors to make it extra easy for dummies. I was good to go. Laughed at me all the time by the way, but who wouldn’t pay that price?

That’s such a pattern for my life. There was ALWAYS someone who stepped in. Might have been because the situation I found myself in was plain ridiculous, or maybe  because God just needed me to see once again how amazing are the people I.m being surrounded with.  I guess real friendships are  effortless and unconditional. Because first of all, they are a gift and are very much real, regardless if one aknowledges them or not.

This friend is Oki.


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