A year review challenge. Day Four.

Praterstern nights.

Definitely in my top 5 favorite things in 2012. There’s not a single time that I pass by Praterstern and not remember it. And I pass by it – daily. Almost every Sunday and Wednesday evening I’d end up at Mc Caffe Pratestern with my Jessica.

Jessica’s been definitely my God sent and we all know it. Literally she’s the only one I was able to talk about absolutely everything  through out this transition. There is just so much more that happens to someone when God decides, its time for the next level.

We’d get a Chai-Latte, sit at one of the tables, and then, every conversation would start with “Soooooo” and then Jess laughing. Ah man! I so miss those time. I just wish somehow I had them on film.

WHat I loved about hanging out with Jess was that no matter what we were talking about she’d always ask “why and what do you think God wants to tell you…”. I loved how everything revolved around God. I miss that! I miss her simplicity and pure honesty when looking at life,people or situations. Simple people are so rare.

She was like a younger version of myself which was a bit freaky, and I was an older version of herself which is I dare say also freaky.

I can not even write this properly because I.m flooded with memories and emotion, but one thing is for certain. When God wants to bless you and to show he’s got your back, its simply overwhelming. Who would’ve thought that can even exist? And just remembering all this is  so encouraging because it simply shows God’s character. He will always back you up!


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