A year review challenge. Day three.

You know I come from a culture which has always put the worst first. There even is a saying that goes like this : ” But what if the cat comes and pushes the salt rock”.  Might not sound like much but the whole thing goes back to  a story  about the sterotypical hysterical woman who  clearly overacts everything that could ever happen, so at a point she says: “what if the cat comes and pushes the salt rock down (which is on the shelf)  on the baby’s crib and kills the baby.” It’s a very very old story. So old that people had to break the salt for themselves and usually they just had this stone of salt in their house. Of course nothing’s new under the sun, and the truth behind the story is as valid as it was durring the stone age.

Yea so thats part of the way I was raised up not necessarily by my parents but by my environment, along with lots of irony and cynicism. Until I got here I used to call myself a realist. well um…thats a load of crap. You are not a realist  as long as you only see  the empty half, right?


I guess it’s the season of thanksgiving, and even if its such an american thing, I.m truely grateful to americans for it :). Actually tonight I might be skyping with my nr 1. friend who this entire past year has challenged me to be positive, focus on the bright side, and try to count my blessings.

It was soooooo freakin’ hard at first!..Boah. For the first  couple of months, I gave her such a hard time, using my defensive anti-american game-plan.                                                         You actually need to train your brain to think differently. From a totally downsizing perspective to one of a ” no, that’s great, that’s actually AWESOME!!” point of view… well..lets not be miss lead here, I just wanna reach half the distance between these two extremes and stay put. What does “AWESOME!!!” mean by the way ? 😉

Hilary’s one of my closest and most special friends I have the privilege to share  my life with. She is a proud american. She loves to keep Journals and list of things she’s grateful for. She loves to laugh and swing dance. She likes her friends to be cool and laid-back. She’s extremely ambitious and driven. She is a jolly person for sure.

We’ve been through so much together and looking back if there’s anything at all that I love about her, it is definitely  her strength in those crucial and painful moments to take courage, go to the list of Thanksgiving and read it over and over again until it catches life.

At the same time, at some point this year, Seungwoo wanted to change the format of the Prayer Meetings. It became so much more intense (and hard!). For 3 consecutive times we would have to pray only bringing praises and thanksgiving to God.

I totally felt squished in between. IT was so loud to me. I needed to learn to be thankful and grateful in my life regardless of the surroundings.

I guess this exercise of 30 and some days of actually writing about things I.m grateful for this year, is a response to that. But it’s still hard. I  consciously wake up every day thinking I need to find another blessing from this past year by the end of the day. And knowing that there are people all over reading this -..um makes me feel accountable.

But God is good, and we need to be reminded of that, and is good to train our minds to be reminded of that, cause it changes us. Thanksgiving is AWESOME!!! 🙂


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