A year review challenge. Day TWO.

Hope goes by the name of Noah.

This time last year if anyone would’ve told me, jump off a cliff, grow wings and fly – I might have considered it. I was spending lots and lots of time with my romanian prayer team who had experienced God in ways you read only in books or the Bible and as a team we were totally driven to go and do stuff. Kinda crazy. One of those Acts moments. Absolutely loved every bit of it.

Actually it was around that time when my whole perspective on life and living for God  changed radically. I remember one of my dearest friends Tina was spending lots of time over our place and we’d pray lots together. She was married and had a 3 year old daughter at that time. Her husband (the definition of being sold out for God) was traveling lots and was away from home quite a significant amount of time in that stage of life.

I remember praying with Tina and asking her afterwards if she’s  pregnant cause everytime I felt the Holy Spirit is guiding me to pray for her child. And it happened more than once. I remember her just walking through the door, and I’d ask her – “Are you pregnant?” One time she told me..you know, we really want to have another child, and been trying but it just didn’t happen, plus my husband has been away for so long, practically it is not possible. That was exactly a year ago!

Now, they have a 3 months old baby boy named Noah. A year! Thats how long it took!!!!

Noah has been my nr.1 reason to be encouraged, at least this part of the year when all seems to go to waste.

It’s amazing how God knows and feels with our heart and souls desires. He knows..and He is the one who works on it – perfectly! He speaks to our spirit and sometimes even lets us know. I am thinking of that Bible Story of Joseph when he had those meaningful dreams, which came to pass years and years and years after. They did come to pass!

Another year’s gone and from all the promises that God’s been sharing with me and others about His will, well, not much has come to pass. And honestly, I had soooo many expectations from this year, from myself first of all.                                                                 Looking back – YES. there is stuff…but there’s also so much that isn.t even near to what I prayed its gonna be. And if its true, that growth comes in seasons, this surely must be winter – cause its dry and cold and empty. But   if its true that growth comes in season spring’s surely gonna come, and right now – Noah’s my reminder. He is a promise of life.

Of Hope.


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