A year review challenge. Day ONE.

I have started planning with my church the New Year’s Eve, and it hit me: this year’s done. So done..

A scary thought, more of a scary reality really. My roomate’s already listening to Christmas Carols, and I think for the first time ever I said : I hate Christmas. well, no I don’t, but I so do this year. At least the fuss around it.

Ever since I realized this year’s nearly gone, I tried to think what it ment to me, but really..it’s hard to look back. I decided to Jurnal this whole thing. First for myself. Second for Hil and Jess and all those…I’ll take it one day at a time, and think for good enough reasons to be thankful and grateful for, quite some corner stones. Just need to name ’em.

1. YAG.

When a country goes to war with another country, there’s just so much that happens. Pain,fear, despair, panic.  Nothing matters more than life itself. You run for your life, because everything around you  feels unsafe and   terrifying . In those moments, people leave their entire life behind and go ( or better said, run). They don’t know whats going to happen to them in the future, but what they know at the moment is that, they need to run for dear life.  Thats why refugee camps exist.

How many times have we experienced at least a major conflict in our lives that made us ( willingly or forced) to go anywhere. Doesn’t matter where, just out of “here”. The “here” standing for either  education, job, ex’s, family or just mind-blowing situations.

I found my refuge here, among these people, who at one point or another, by a mean or another had also found refuge here. And then we found each other.

Most of my friends here relate to this.

They are the number one reason I stayed in Austria. My life froze last year and in order for it to  get back to normal I need to leave this place. I just couldn’t yet. How could I if it was for the first time in my life I felt like belonging to a place or a category of people. I so did.

These guys are the most genuine people I.ve ever had the chance to meet. Simple but perfectly beautiful. Perfect blend of uniqueness at its finest.  Hope I don’t give the wrong impression. Never said they’re perfect. Gosh no. nooooo way. Which makes them even more appealing to me.

Its not because they’re so international, n’or because they’ve got this or that education. But because of Jesus. for real.

freaks? Sure. :-). my bunch of people has a thing for God *( actually God has a thing for them..) they’re in pursue of God. Maybe most of them are in different stages and are doing it so differently. Kinda fascinating. God must be smiling.

They.ve been my mom and dad, brothers and sisters, best friends, through out the past 2 years. Best of the best. They loved me when I failed them, they loved me when I so needed it, they loved me and continue to do so, because their sense of focus is not me – but Jesus. Jesus is their true and unique source of living water. Of real life.  Maybe thats why they are how they are right now.

YAG has been a challenge for me. To grow. To love. To wait. To learn. To grow some more and love some more. To change. To seek Jesus. To love God. To grow. more and more and more.

I just love them and to keep talking would mean to get into details, which I will do, next time I’ll think of a reason I.m greatfull for this year, cause at least 90% of the time is because of them.

I.ll miss you loads!


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