Thats true my friends. I am alive. Tho a very good friend of mine, while visiting me briefly tonight, would strongly disagree with that. What happened? Got bitten by some creatures two days ago while I was walking barefooted through the grass, and it started…how should I put it…expaaaanding.. just like the Universe. Oh me oh my! So I guess if ever been unthankful (which I have) for my 2 faty feet, I take it back. Its only bad when you can.t find ANY shoe to fit you! State which I may call current.

As funny as it may apear to some, trust me, there’s nothing fun about it. Not when it hurts and itches at the same time, and when ur fever goes up and down from 38 – 39. I think that is my main reason I opened my blog after 7 months? Mental!

But I.m happy. I truly am…and I.m seriously thinking if I should blog about my spring of happiness or not. I ask you Jorj, my russian, since u’re the only one who knew me from the start and only one who reads and cares about these posts. Tell me..should I open a new account for my newness, since its so completely different, or should I keep it for the sake of confusing people? I feel strong about starting anew, and this time actually really put more thought into it.


Life is sweet. Indeed. Bitter-sweet.


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