family when there’s no one. friend when all have left. pillow when i can’t find mine. shoulder to lean on. handkerchief when feel like crying. hugable.  warm. soft. sweet. mine. my Muszi . not for sale .


7 thoughts on “Muszi

  1. dear muszi, don’t worry! i’ve seen both your pictures:)) and you are cuuuteee!!!:):) know that you do have a brother in another corner of the world, in another girl’s bed with a pillow holding in his arms:) and he is also there for her to listen to her joys and sorrows. and he always looks at her with his gentle and laughing eyes and then she smiles:) good night now and do tell your young lady that she is beautiful and she is not alone. she is loved by many, i’m sure. just remind her all these:)

  2. dear Sir, your words were of great comfort, for me ( Muszi), at times…she leaves me with no arguments because my lady has issues believing people…even me…and I’m a bear… well..thank you again for your kindness !… you say I’m cute?..she’s been having me for more than 7 years and sometimes when I pass down a mirror, depression gets to me . you are one of a kind.. that’s for sure.

    gotta split now..she almost drank all her coffee and has tones to work…wonder..if she’ll find out about our secret talk..

    good day sir !

  3. oh, muszi, i forgot to tell you my name! clumsy me!:) pillow!:) yup, that’s my name and i like it. because i’m soft and sometimes she sleeps in my lap although i think i’m smaller than you. at times her tears wet the pillow i hold..but oh, when i hear her bursting in laughter how good it is! she makes me laugh just hearing her:)) is a great issue. and important one! my lady knows some things regarding this..but she also knows there are times when it’s wiser to not say anything but to pray…:)

    tell your lady that my lady waves her hand smiling at her (she would hug her if she could, i can tell you that for sure) and blows her kisses. and prayers too:)

    good night! and a good resting sleep to your lady after all that work! sing her a lullaby:):)

  4. ..clumsy pillow! 🙂 oaaauu…you’re so wise..I never knew pillows are wise, are all the pillows like you? ’cause I have 4 around me all day and they hardly move, except when…things are “tense” and they begin to fly from a corner to the other..’re lucky with such strong and faithful lady, or better said – friend, cause I bet she considers you as one.. I dearly love my friend though at times I wish she were more our first years…things have changed quite a lot, and so has she ..or maybe just grown up. Are all the grownups sad and heavy loaded all the time?
    I’m lucky I’ll never be a grown-up! 🙂!

    good night dear pillow and..thank you for all the good words..again! your lady must be a sweetheart, love her dearly and cast away all the nightmares that will come her way, tonight…I wish I could do the same for mine…she was talking earlier of working all night at guess I’ll have to sleep alone..

    so happy I made a friend today !

    ‘night 🙂

  5. 🙂 muszi dear, flying pillows when things are tense it’s a very good thing! tell your lady to continue do that magic and meanwhile she should talk with that really good friend of hers, Jesus. yeees, my lady says He’s quite a guy and she is doing that with Him. she tells Him everything, how she feels, sadness or anger or joy and what she dreams of. i hear her every day. just tell your lady to do the same ’cause she’s gonna feel better. and i don’t really know much about this Jesus but all i know is what i see He is changing my lady. He is fabulous! i’m sure of that.

    ..and oh, muszi! did you understood that i am a teddy bear just like you?..and my name is Pillow ’cause i hold a pillow in my lap 🙂

    my lady had two full days and she really needs this sleep so i run to stay in her near her ’cause she calling me. good night and have a fun weekend! make her laugh! a loooott :)))

  6. that’s why you’re so wise…I got mixed 🙂 between the lines and name..

    messege successfully delivered . yeah Jesus rocks ! 🙂


    great day pillow : )

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