A inceput TIFF-ul.Vineri chiar.Astazi am fost la  Republica de la 11:00. Nu era lume .Ora explica multe, dealtfel aseara la Arta era plin, si la Victoria cu 10 minute inainte de inceperea filmului era o coada de 5 metri.

Asadar – Magnus. Un film de origine Estoniana, productie 2007. Aceasi impresie si cadre de tara ex-comunista ce a imbratisat “anestezia” societatii dezvoltate.

In rolul principal – Magnus. Un tanar, ce isi asteapta moartea. Nu gaseste sens, scop, tinta in viata, pe deplin dezgustat de toate placerile, cauta dragostea paterna. In contextul in care familia e dezmembrata, tatal – peste, consumator de droguri si afemeiat, mama –  lucreaza in “modelling”, iar sora este lesbiana, Magnus hotaraste sa-si ia viata, instiintandu-i pe toti ai lui.

Am ramas din tot filmul cu cateva vorbe ale tatalui. Concluzii generale trase pentru un fenomen din ce in ce mai prezent in ziua de azi mai peste tot.

here they go:

“I used to think that the highest form of humanity was a robot. I thought all emotions were relics of our animal past. The highest form of man was a robot: totally rational. Now I realized it’s actually the other way round. Science is at the animal level. Humanity starts above that. If you lose your faith you also lose your ideals. I don’t have a clue where you are going. Estonia and other advanced countries will gradually become extinct as their birth rates collapse. In the developing countries there is no problem as they have kept their gods. Their life has a meaning. But in a consumer society people’s lives are pointless. It is impossible to define the meaning of life scientifically.”



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