the Only thing that keeps me going

is what I believe, and Who I believe in. In a promised day when my tears will be wipped off my face, when I’ll be hold by arms which care and love and never lie, in a day when all fear and all weakness will be no more, a day when justice will conquer, a day of joy, a real day.

I long for that day!! God you’ve promised, and I know you keep your promises, though sometimes,sweet Father, I feel so worthless, so weak and so small compared to what You want from me, to what others want…

so many things to do, so many things to be, so many places to go to, I’m lost Father. it’s true. I have no idea where I’m heading to, and it’s troublesome.

the Only thing that keeps me going is knowing that there will be a day, that the road is short, even though is narrow, that the only thing that really counts is the courage to contiue, the faith to believe in what no one else really believes in.

Daddy, sometimes I wish, I wish so hard that you could take me in your arms in moments like these, in a moment like this, to really feel the Hug, and be field with your peace.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve sensed that Heavenly Peace. Daddy, I’m lost. I lost myself again!


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