You know one of those days, when you simply can’t find yourself?!…when nothing fits, when nothing’s right?!…well…let’s try to multiply “one of those days” to…”one of those years”…and you’ll get a pretty grotesque picture of a messed up life…  and person.

I don’t know what happened along the way. I might be looked at as to a winning person, but in fact all I’m doing is trying to figure myself out. Like..ok I’m writing stuff about me…brainstorming..every idea..and every freakin word that comes to my mind..and try to connect it to…whatever…that’s my major problem. I have all these things in my mind, but I can’t connect them. It’s like you have a huge bag of unfolded socks and one morning you’re in a hurry and try to put some socks on, just that you can’t find a single pair!!!…. nothing matches in my head…in my life..if you care.

So trying to figure myself out something happened to me or with me..

Too concentrated on my problem I lost track of reality. I can’t sense or feel anything. As if I’m in this small glass box, from which I SEE everything that happens around me..but can’t feel  anything,actually. Like on’s’s for real..and I’m not in it.

How crazy am I? On a scale from 1-10…11? J!


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