General & particulaR

20.deep green eyes. subtle smile. open minded. self centered. creative. intuitive. introvert. love children, art, music. enjoy tasty teas,like the ones they sell,across the Victoria Cinema. After 8’s my favorite. I’m a thinker. Cherish friendship. Value family. Green and dark blue are two of my favourite colours. When I feel down I dress with bright colours, like green,or yellow or red. Last week I bought myself a big warm yellow cardigan – :). I love hats and bracelets. I like wood made accessories. I like shooting pictures. I have a D40X Nikon and want to get rid of it. I used to play piano. I’m unstable. I’m crazy bout Starbucks. I love reading the Classics. I love gingerbread and oranges more than anything. I’m conservative. I love England, and the British. I’d love to move to Seattle or Boston. I’ll graduate on the 13th of May. Hate my College. I want to go to Siberia. I love history. I love Romanian History, we used to be so real like 50 years ago. I like being a girl. I feel like I’ve grown up too soon. I’m too serious. I’m judgmental. I’m cynic and criticize a lot. I want to be a better person. I began to dream again, and believe in dreams. I know I’ll die soon.I’m a Christ follower. I believe in Heaven and Hell. I believe in a loving and just God. I want to know 9 foreign languages. I want to move out. My favourite car is Crysler PT Cruiser (black&red. if I don’t ask too much). I love swimming,skating and skiing. Winter’s my favorite! I love snowballs fights. I like the smell of Christmas cookies in the whole house. I like Cinnamon candles. Mercuries is my favorite planet. I use my huge teddy bear instead of pillow every night. C.S.Lewis continues to warm my heart. I miss my grandparents and my childhood. I love my dad. He’s the best! Yesterday I saw a big fat Grey stripped cat,on the street and I wanted to take it home. I love turtles, we’re just the same. I don’t use as much make up as I used to. I’m forgetting English. For more than half a year I lack sleep. Last week I had 63 hours of non-sleep. I love to make presents. I like shopping when I have enough money, which is never! I miss home so much. I want to have a home of my own. I want to be normal. One of my dearest friends died a short while ago and I still can’t get over that, wonder if I’ll ever. I’m experiencing happiness and peace in hard times.


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